Here are some fun desserts that are easy to make

GF Oreo Pops

I use Kinnikinnick Kinni-Toos Cookies(GF version of Oreo Cookies.
Any melting chocolate will work but make sure to check for Wheat.
And you can use a can of frosting or cream cheese(I used frosting but it was a little hard to work with so I found that Cream Cheese works better cause its not as runny)
You can find the lollipop sticks in the baking section at any store

Use a food processor to crush up the cookies

Mix the cookie crumbles with the cream cheese

Melt down the chocolate and dip the end of the sticks into the chocolate before putting it into the cookie balls after you form them.

Freeze the cookie balls for about 20 minutes after you insert the sticks

Dip the balls in chocolate and add sprinkles and then freeze for 20 minutes